Time to re-think how we live

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Russell Brand being positive

Habits I want to change, personal:

  1. stop eating meat and drinking milk, prepare new vegetarian dishes and thus not eating out as much as I did
  2. drink alcohol on special occasions, not during the week
  3. stop using disposable plastic
  4. spend less time on my phone, spend more time exercising
  5. read less newspapers, read more books
  6. write more
  7. find a way to do photography in a non-consumerism type of way
  8. find a way to quit social media and Google

Things I want to change in my business:

  1. find out how to quit Facebook, Instagram and social media. How will this impact my business? Is it possible?
  2. recycle more
  3. add poems and photography in the rooms, common spaces

All of these things are about changing my habits. I’ve been doing some for more than 20 years (drinking coffee with milk, using Google search), so changing them is hard. Some are highly addictive (social media, alcohol, phone, stay ‘updated’ on news) and some habits were born out of laziness (not reading Facebook and Google’s terms, thereby giving away my personal data, using disposable cups, eating out daily).

This lock-down period during the coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity to change some habits and reset, think about why and how I want to change them.